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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have always been the core expertise of IGEA's business activities since its establishment in 1989. In recent years, our wide range of knowledge and experiences have been upgraded into a comprehensive consulting and technical services in real estate registration, infrastructure management and spatial planning.

IGEA Ltd. is one of the few companies that has developed a national land cadastre systems in several countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia.

We have the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificates, we are Oracle GOLD partners and we also have the NATO C3 Agency BOA certificate. In the Public Agency for Research our research group is registered under the number 1504.


Our key products:

Land Cadastre

Information System for management of the official graphical and attribute parcel information

Workflow system supporting legal and technical processes

"Fat client" for the preparation of the elaborate of changes

Mechanisms for data exchange with the "fat client", quality control of changes and implementation of changes in database

Integration or connection of Land Registry and Land Cadastre

Integration with the spatial data distribution system

Client: National Land Surveying Authority

Building Cadastre

Information System for management of official information of Building Cadastre

Technical characteristics of buildings and parts of buildings, as well as ownership information included

Information needed for mass appraisal system included

Connection with the Land Cadastre and Land Registry

Integration with the spatial data distribution system

Client: National Land Surveying Authority

Cadastre of Public Infrastructure

Unified national cadastre of public infrastructure:

  • transport infrastructure
  • energy infrastructure
  • public utilities
  • water infrastructure
  • electronic communications
  • environmental protection infrastructure

Controling and verification mechanism for data input prepared by infrastructure operators

Integration with the spatial data distribution system

Client: National Land Surveying Authority

Real Estate Mass Appraisal System

Real estate transactions register

Valuation models for the real estate mass appraissal system (valuation tables, valuation zones, additional factors)

The system for management and maintenance of the valuation models

The system for the execution of mass appraissal (Calculator)

Integration with the spatial data distribution system

Client: National Land Surveying Authority

Spatial Data Distribution System

A comprehensive Information System for spatial data dissemination

The system physically separated from the production systems

Data replication mechanisms

OGC compliant web services implemented on the Geoserver platform (WMS/WFS/WMST)

Separated "private" and "public" part of the infrastructure

Data view and data download applications

Integration with the INSPIRE metadata system

Secured data access protocols

User authentication protocols

Client: National Land Surveying Authority

INSPIRE infrastructure for spatial information

Data transformation schemas - current data model to INSPIRE data model

INSPIRE compliant database with data transformation mechanims

Wiew (WMS) and download (WFS) network services implemented in the opensource GeoServer environment

Metadata system implemented in the opensource GeoNetwork environment including in/out harvesting mechanisms

Metadata records for each dataset and corresponding network services

A single entry point - INSPIRE geoportal

Client: National INSPIRE contact point

Spatial Planning Information System

Information System to support spatial planning processes and official construction procedures

Register of administrative acts (building permits, operating permits, inspection decisions)

Register of legal regimes and other spatial data layers

Integration of different authorities: Administrative Units, Ministries, Inspection Authorities and Municipalities

Integration with the spatial data distribution system

Client: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

Energy Performance Certificate Register

National system of registers designed for efficient energy management and renovation of public and other buildings

Register of energy performance certificates

Register of inspections of air conditioners

Register of inspections of heating installations

Energy accounting system for the public buildings

Client: Ministry of Infrastructure

Information System »Storm«

Workflow for management of the official processes for the elimination of natural disaster consequences

Connection with the back-office document management system (receiving e-mail, documents labeling)

Display of the disaster locations in online web GIS viewer

Client: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

Broadband Network Mapping System

The system for registration of network termination points (on the basis of National Infrastructure Cadastre)

The system for automatic production of "white" spots mapping

Client: Ministry of Information Society

National Road Database

Preparation of the official national database of categorized roads

Data acquisition about technical elements and devices on the road

Control and integration of data into the National Road Database

Client: Ministry of Infrastructure

NEW: Integral GIS Platform for Municipalities

Database and archive of spatial data (PostGIS/Postgres)

Periodical spatial data replication system (Replicator)

Metadata system (GeoNetwork)

OGC and INSPIRE compliant network services WMS/WFS/WPS (GeoServer)

Web "mashup" application - mobile friendly GIS data viewer (OpenLayers)

Clients: Municipalities, larger infrastructure companies, smart cities


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