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IGEA company

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have always been the core expertise of IGEA’s business activities since its establishment in 1989. In recent years, our wide range of knowledge and experiences have been upgraded into a comprehensive consulting and technical services in real estate registration, infrastructure management and spatial planning.

IGEA is one of the few companies that is developing a national land cadastre systems in several countries: Slovenia, Croatia, North Macedonia and Serbia.

We have the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificates, we are Oracle GOLD partners and we also have the NATO C3 Agency BOA certificate. In the Public Agency for Research our research group is registered under the number 1504.


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Igea Holding (Ljubljana)

Igea Holding is a company dedicated for management of companies and developing of international markets. Companies within the Igea Holding portfolio operates in the GIS field, in the development of national real estate systems, in the property registration system and public infrastructure management.

Igea MAK (Northern Macedonia)

Founded in 2007 in Skopje, Igea MAK is responsible for the development and implementation of an electronic real estate cadastre in the Republic of Northern Macedonia. The company participates in the activities of implementation the Road Asset Management System (RAMS). The company employs local experts, mainly informatics and surveyors.

RGC (Serbia)

RGC (Regional Geoinformatics Center) was founded in 2018 in Belgrade. The company is focused on developing of the real estate cadastre information system and improving the quality of real estate data in the Republic of Serbia. The company employs local experts, mainly informatics and surveyors.