All our clients

Our clients are mainly state authorities, public agencies and institutes, municipalities and managers of commercial public infrastructure.


  • Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
  • Ministry of Finance

Authorities in the framework of ministries

  • Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Slovenian Infrastructure Agency
  • Information Society Directorate


  • Municipality of Celje
  • Municipality of Kranj
  • Municipality of Maribor
  • Municipality of Novo mesto
  • Municipality of Železniki..


  • National Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Croatia
  • Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia
  • Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Northern Macedonia
  • Public Enterprise for State Roads of Northern Macedonia
  • Republic Geodetic Authority of Serbia
  • Kosovo Cadastral Agency
  • Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Montenegro